Rust Protection

Basic Package

Basic Package :

Underbody Coverage

5 Step Process

Time required 8 Hours

Advanced Package

Advanced Package –

Medium Package + Engine Bay Area + Door pad inside area

9 Step Process-

Time required 18 Hours

Medium Package

Medium Package –

Basic + Bumpers inside Area

7 Step Process

Time required 10 Hours

Extensive Package

Extensive Package –

Advanced Package + Interior removal

10 step Process

Time Required -32 Hours

Why Rust Protection is Important

Increase Life of Car

Having Rust Protection enhances the Life of Car,

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Increase resale Value of the Car

Rust Protection increase the Resale value of the Car

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Increase in Paint Protection

Increase in Paint Protection

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Types of Anti Rust Materials

Primer Coat

Primers Coats :

Abrasion resistance – Low

Epoxy Coat

Epoxy Coats :

 Abrasion resistance – Med

PU Coat

Polyurethanes(PU) Coats:

 Abrasion resistance – Med

PolySilanes+Polyurethanes based coats

PolySilanes+Polyurethanes based coats:

 Abrasion resistance – High

Rust Protection to Protect your car

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