We are Different !

Why are we Different

World of Service is a place for car Enthusiast,


Currently we have two location :
Car Service in Noida
Car Service in Chennai


Started with the aim of ethical conduct & Car repair for all makes and brands of car,
Further explanation how are we different than Car Authorised Service Centre in Noida and Chennai.


Authorised Service Centre

1. Charges for Pick and Drop Services

2. Works as per manufacturer rule book of part replacement
3. Opaque system in which customers are not allowed to see what is done on service centre floor during car servicing
4. High Cost of car service
5. No personalized attention 
6. Customer’s car is analysed as per advisor target of month
7. Solution of Part replacement are advised than repair
8. Parts that can be serviced to increase the life of component are advised less as service centre is more motivated for quick turn around to generate revenue than what is best for car.
9. More focus on achieving target than actual need of car service 
10.Only same brand of car can be serviced
11. No alternative how to make the budget of car service lesser 
12. No access of any aftermarket part where part cost is really expensive.
13. Only takes the job that are advised as per manufacturer,work like seat cover,bucket seats,projector headlight,light restroration etc are not usualy taken by authorised service centre for car service in noida and chennai.
14.No job work of alloy repair is taken by Authorised Service Centre
15.Charges were ever possible is levied on customer as a way to achieve targets.
16.No provision of donor vehicle for customer
17.No facility for repair at a location where authorised service centre is not present
18. Does not have wide range of Same dealer location across varied places
19. No provision of ways how to reduce the car maintenance
20. Overall a high value service car service cost same can be analysed by showcasing a car that has been maintained by Authorised service centre vs. World of Service cost of ownership
21. Fixed operation time of day time


World of Service benefits are listed below comparing Authorised Service Centre


1. Car Service pick and drop is free of cost up to 1000 kms of our service centre,world of service has common pick up points across 1000 kms of our place,
2. Car repair is performed as per car specific checklist list and the actual position of the components.
3. Transparent System of Car Service in which we welcome customers to witness our work in front of them as we believe our customers are our brand ambassador’s.
4. Reasonable cost of Car Service.
5. Complete Personalized attention to Car Owner.
6. No target for revenue- a satisfied customer makes us as best service centre
7. Repair of Car is preferred than replacement of parts if we can save your hard earned money we would surely do.
8. Automotive Parts that can be serviced to increase the life of Component are advised as we believe if we can delay failure of car parts it is also saving,like radiator repair and cleaning is done to ensure heating system of car performance in an optimum manner resulting less probability of failure of parts of heating like car water pump,thermostate,radiator fan etc.
We specialize in Car steering repair refer our section of Our area of Expertise.
9. No target for any car we believe a satisfied customer is our brand ambassador and he would give enough work for our earning.
10.All makes and brands can be serviced we are an alternative to many car authorized service centre,
In fact most of our marketing brand ambassador are our customer and referrals received from them makes our earning and their complete family cars come to us over a period of time and we become part of their family for car service and maintenance and even for buying new or used car.
11. Alternative is proposed as part of our quotation for how to make budget lesser.
12. Aftermarket Parts are proposed in case we have trust on them as an alternative when new part original is really expensive,this is done for those scenerio in which we trust aftermarket parts for performance,we only recommend once we are sure that yes cost is saved and no after effects with respect to usage is there,
13.Car Service and repair works are done as per the checklist and the real need of the car plus world of service is a one stop solution to all car needs refer our area of expertise section,spare part we support and car accessories section for details for car service in noida and car service in chennai.
14.Alloy repair is performed in World of Service Noida and World of Service Chennai.
15. Customers are our brand ambassador and our family we charge only reasonable amount where ever possible.
16. Provision of Donor Vehicle as we understand the value of your time and your car.
17.Facility for repair at a location where world of service is not present as we have a huge network of mechanics across india,
18. World of Service has wide network of mechanics across india varied places
19. World of Service works as a package how to reduce car maintenance and also has annual maintenance contract for your car.
20. Overall a reasonable value service car service cost same can be analysed by showcasing a car that has been maintained by Authorised service centre vs. World of Service cost of ownership
21. We operate 24*7 across our car service outlets in noida and chennai.


And we are Crazy for your Car Maintenance,


Therefore we can say we are an alternative to below mentioned authorised service centre as we operate for car service for below mention brands as well,

World of Service an alternative to Authorised 

Audi Service Centre
BMW Service Centre
Mercedes Service Centre
Jaguar Service Centre
Ferrari Service Centre
Landrover Service Centre
Lamborghini Service Centre
Porche Service Centre
Volvo Service Centre
Lexus Service Centre
Maruti Service Centre
Hyundai Service Centre
Mahindra Service Centre
Fiat Service Centre
Tata Service Centre
Renault Service Centre
Toyota Service Centre
Honda Service Centre
Ford Service Centre
MG Service Centre
Skoda Service Centre
Jeep Service Centre
FCA Service Centre
Volkswagen Service Centre
Datsun Service Centre
Nissan Service Centre
Mitsubishi Service Centre
Hindustan Motor Service Centre
San Motor Service Centre
Force Motor Service Centre
Kia Service Centre
Daewoo Service Centre
Willy Service Centre
Sipani Service Centre


Just what’s app your need and we are there to get it done,


World of Service at your service,


Satisfaction Guaranteed !!!
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