Maintenance Advice

World of Service recommends its customer for Car Maintenance advice,
Car Service is one aspect at the same time car care and few maintenance advise would definitely help car maintenance from Long Term perceptive,
World of Service always recommends car owners to maintain car for long period of time,
This advice section will list the best practices that shall help keeping the car for Long term and in a very healthy Condition,
Maintaining a car has no shortcuts and it requires effort to do so,
at the same time the efforts spend on car maintenance surely pays off,
A maintained car would pay off with superior driving,owning experience and better resale value ,
From the perceptive of car maintenance and car – 
Japanese car might require more maintenance from the outer body perceptive i.e rusting may be more prone in a Japanese car vs. German cars,
At the same time German car due to the perceptive of being heavier may require more care when it comes to car suspension or car electrical area,


On the Road :

  • Engine Starting Condition always be gentle as soon as the car is switched on, maintaining a low rpm until the engine reaches optimum temperature is recommended,
  • Be gentle to your car when it’s cold. Maintain a low rpm level until the engine has reached operating temperature. The warm up period is hard for engine parts which needs lubrication and take a while till the time oil gets rotates in complete engine components and therefore it’s recommend to let warm up happen.
  • A gentle driving habit would ensure that car components wear less compare to a driving skill that is hard on car,
  • When It comes to a rough roads its always advisable to drive slowly as that would ensure that suspension parts are taken care of,
  • Moreover even on speed brakers its advisable to go slow, a high speed covering of speed breakers harm maximum on car Shocker absorber’s.
  • Redline experience of cars engine is sometimes fun at the same time its important to know the condition of car’s engine and also it should be remembered that if redline is done do cool off the engine before switching off the engine.
  • Understanding Right gear as per the speed requirement of car is very important,on one place a higher gear at lower speed would lug the engine and on other place a lower gear with higher rpm would give load to engine therefore an appropriate gear is important at a particular speed refer the car user manual for complete details as recommended by car manufacturer.
  • Its really important that car engine reaches optimum temperature and therefore its recommend use of car for atleast 5 kms trips or say at least 20 minutes of start in a single go,
  • Driving car in a traffic situation more often than a non traffic situation gives load to car’s engine more even if the kms are less, and in such a condition ofter the kms have not be travelled sufficient still engine oil becomes kaput, therefore for such cars we recommend to follow early service interval compare to kms,
  • Penny wise and pound foolish – sometimes often in the field of car maintenance people tend in a similar manner, often people avoiding getting car towed even when towing can result in less damage if car is having a failure than driving, we recommend to take a call wisely under such situation


Schedule, Parts & Labour:

  • Depending on the condition of road and self usage – car service interval and guideline should be tailored to suit the car maintenance, we are aware that manufacturer has recommended the service guideline based on oil, at the same time we have seen that based on condition and traffic type usage service interval is affected, for car’s which are normally run more in traffic of city than longer run,short service interval is recommend even if oil used is Fully Synthetic.
  • Using synthetic oil is actually cheaper and much better when it comes to car engine life, cheaper as service interval of the car gets changed and that means less service over one year time frame at the same time we recommend to send your car every quarter to world of service as that would help to ensure basic things like air filter cleaning is done apart from regular check up.
  • It is all recommended to get all the lubricants change once every 2 years(car engine oil would anyway be changed during service) but kindly get brake oil, clutch release cylinder oil, gear oil etc all changed at least once every 2 years for optimum performance,
  • Service &  top up your battery water and getting deep charging done for your car battery can result in log life of same.
  • Alignment and Balancing of car is recommended on service interval this also helps in optimised fuel efficiency of the car.
  • Tyre plays a very vital role in car care, and we recommend alway to prefer the best brand of tyres few hundred here and there does not matter but tyre’s are the only thing in car that touches the road so when it comes to safety they play a very important role therefore always go for the best brand of tyre’s.
  • Wiper blade condition check every quarter and brake pads condition check every quarter should be done as a preventive maintenance activity.
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