Denting & Painting

Denting & Painting Services –

World of Service has competency in the area’s of all types of Denting.

Car Service & Repair- in Noida & Chennai are carried with has complete facility for Denting & Painting,

The work with respect to Denting that we perform are:

  1. Dry Denting
  2. Hard Denting
  3. Extreme Denting

1.Dry Denting

Dry Denting : Normally performed in Car when the  dent has light impact in magnitude and is on a single sheet metal area of the car,Dry denting is preferred in places where paint chip off has not happened,

The dry denting is performed using suitable tools of Denting,

Time required: usually takes about 2 hours – after basic job card formalities,

Dry Denting can be performed or not – depends on the area impacted,

We normally request the customers to send us the pictures on whats app and we shall revert,

2. Hard Denting

Hard Denting : Normally performed in Car when the  dent has high impact in magnitude whether its on single sheet or double sheet metal,

Hard denting is performed in area where paint chip off may or may not have happened,

The Hard denting is performed using suitable tools of Denting,

Time required: usually takes about 8 hours – after basic job card formalities,

3. Extreme Denting

Car Restoration projects & Car Full Paint work,

Complete Body Restoration,

Car Accidental repairs,

Car Body Work,

Car Modifications,


  • Painting
  • Denting
  • Finishing

You can Transform your old car in to a brand new car

World of Service is just a whatsapp away


Car Service in Noida & Car Service in Chennai – World of Service,

We specialise in the Field of Car Denting & Painting with minimum 2 years warranty on any paint work performed by us & warranty is further extendable based on work/scope up to 5 years,

Quality of Paints

  • Basic  — warranty up to 2 year
  • Moderate -warranty up to 4 years
  • Peak- warranty up to 5 year

Professional Paint Job Results in

  • Resale value increases when your car looks better than the new one.
  • No one wants to pay a lot of money for a car with a faded, scratched up paint job. If you’re thinking about selling your car, getting a fresh new auto paint job can increase its value and help you get more money out of your sale.

The right tools for the job

  • Painting your car isn’t like painting your house. It requires proper preparation and the right tools to get a sleek and durable paint job for your vehicle. Whether you need to refresh dull, peeling paint or you want a custom paint job that lets you stand out on the road, a professional can.
  • If your car’s paint is rusty, chipped, or peeling, your car might not be running at its best. Cracks, peels, and chips can increase the car’s drag while you’re on the road, which means your engine has to work harder. A clean, smooth paint job allows your car to drive the way it was meant to , although performance does not change drastically but can be felt and noted by enthusiasts.

Experience and quality

  • Nothing beats a professional auto paint job performed by someone with years of industry experience. Things like poor consistency, uneven colors, and other amateur mistakes can all be avoided by getting your car painted by a professional the first time.

Maintained Car also have more eye catchers than un-maintained one.


  • Shiny car is happy car
  • You can’t buy happiness but you can buy cars and that’s kind of same thing for passionate people of cars
  • A beautiful car gives soothing to eyes and joy to heart
  • I am not easily distracted……I just
    OMG! Do I hear a car !!!


Paint Life - Non- Professional Work vs. Professional

  • Non- Professional
  • Professional
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