Siddharth (Owner: Fiat Punto Diesel)

-The mechanics and electricians are one of the most experienced you will come across. They saved me from a clutch overhaul scam that a Fiat ASS was pushing me for by doing clutch bleeding and gear oil change.
-I put this engine oil-AGIP I-sint 5W40-fully synthetic from there, and I have found a marked difference in my way the car drives now. It drives just like new, considering how extra finicky I am when it comes to my car’s maintenance. Plus, it drives, much much better and more responsive.
-They rectified my starter motor issue which the other workshops didn’t do.
-The quality of work was done to my utmost satisfaction. And all spare parts used were genuine.
-Saw their paintwork also, its top notch.
People there are knowledgeable and hard working. They take few cars at a time, and devote their full commitment on the same.
-My friend’s VW polo crossing 90k kms had an issue with a damaged sump. They corrected it for a competitive cost compared to what VW offered and his car too runs much better with no issues.
-serviced an i10 also. Their motto is no repeat work and any car that comes in, goes out with all issues resolved.
-A lot of things are in pipeline, for which we have ample opportunities to give them.

Owing to my superb past experiance of 50,000 kms service and other issues being sorted out, my car recently completed 58,000 kms and have been to multiple long station trips. I discovered that there was a drop in performance and emissions overall were higher than to my taste. Immediately suspected a clogged EGR and inlet manifold. Now, to get the job properly done I decided to go to WoS and gave them a list of few jobs to be done
-EGR and inlet manifold clean
-Brakes clean and service
-Clutch bleeding
-The tailgate needed a respray after a truck banged it near to my house.

This is one FNG with a high standard, and hope that they continue to maintain the same.

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