Shivanshu (Owner: Swift Diesel)

I know World Of Service before it even opened. I used to visit them regularly when they were in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad. The team is very skilled and helpful. The best part which encouraged me to visit them again and again is the knowledge they have. The explanation of the issues in the Vehicle is simple yet detailed which makes it easy to understand. Another part (which I love the most) is that you can sit with the mechanic and see them working on your car and even ask them questions about the work which they performing or even participate. One would not get this privilege in any of the authorized service center.
Long before World of Service opened the workshop I had the privilege of visiting the site before the set up, no not that I am associated with them in anyway, just that once I started going to them for the work on my Swift I stopped visiting MASS; reason – trust, transparency, teaching which I got in World of Service.
Now let’s talk about the work and the workshop. Its big and yes there are lot of things which can be implemented out there and I am sure World of Service would do it as they progress. Let me remember what all they have – lift, alignment, denting painting, electrical, rust removal, car detailing, washing, AC servicing/installation/maintenance, engine overhauling, etc. I had a problem with my swift front left side, some ‘thud’ sound, so when consulted with World of Service they informed me that the lift has been installed so let us check the reason for the sound. When I reached their Swift was straightaway taken to the lift from the entrance and was placed on the lift. Within 30mins the problem was diagnosed and solution provided. The best part I was there under my car and saw what the problem is myself and they made me understand about the probable cause and the solution for it, it helps a lot in learning about your machine and knowing the faults and the remedy.
Few days back I went for normal servicing and checkup of my Swift to them. The mechanics themselves checked the lights, bulbs, working, sound, brakes and any underbody issue. The check they provided was very satisfactory, they removed all the tyres to check the suspension and the disc. The brake pads and shoes both were worn out so I got it replaced. Person like me likes to get his hand dirty with his machines, and yes I enjoy it and World of Service does give me that privilege and even guides me for the things which I want to do. So I enjoy getting my car pampered over there. I would like to wish World of Service all the best in future and to maintain the quality and standard which they are maintaining in their work.

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