Pawan (Owner: Linea and Ford Fiesta)

1. Exceptional Technical team when it comes to Any Brand Service be it Fiat,Maruti,Hyundai,Mahindra,Audi,BMW,Mercedes,or any other.
2. Power Steering Repairs
3. Engine Performance enhancement- Headgrooving
4. No one handles Fiat as they do- this I am telling after experiencing almost all Fiat ASS,World of Service Team is exceptional in Fiat and Fiat’s Spare Parts- they can source anything possible on Earth.
6. Trained Mechanics and wonderful Facility
7. Exceptional Paint Job & extensive Denting work
8. Scratch Removal Program
9. Things like EGR Cleaning which no one is bothered as it occupies more time for any service center,

Some of Work they Perform
1. Complete Mechanical
2. Electrical and AC Work
3. Denting and Painting
4. Alignment work- they build camber and we all know how difficult fiat is when it comes to Alignment
5. Washing and Detailing
6. Teflon coating,Under body and Scratch removal.

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