Deepak (Owner: VV Jetta, Safari and Zen )

– Work attitude. The owners have set very high standards for themselves and have inculcated this in the work-force. I’ve seen each member of the work-force go that extra-mile and not even try to cut any corners. Not once have i heard the phrases “yeh nahi ho sakta” (This can’t be done) or “yeh toh aise hi rehta hai” (This is how its supposed to be) when you raise a problem about your car to them. Irshad took half a day to fabricate/fix a minor plastic part on the Safari’s clutch pedal to solve an issue of inconsistent pedal travel whereas every other person outside WoS advised me to live with it. They seem to live by the “Bob the builder” motto – “Can we fix it? Yes, we can.”

– Expertise. The whole workforce comes with a rich amount of experience in their respective fields and each member has been sourced selectively. The range of work which they do is truly diverse. It will be a single-stop solution for all automotive needs once fully setup. Despite their experience, the guys working there do not have the “i know better” attitude which we find so often at A.S.S. The guys recognise an enthusiast and will treat you accordingly. While installing the tacho, the electrician (Anand) worked happily while i read out the instructions to him from the manual.

– Superlative parts sourcing ability. These guys can source everything under the sun – new, used or junkyard items. Try getting a Fiat ASS to get you an ECU for your 1.9D Palio. WoS even have tie-ups with OEMs to supply to them at a very competitive cost. While used items can be sourced by them, they will give you proper advice regarding the suitability of it considering the criticality of function.

– Facilities. While the setup is still a bit distant from being fully established right now, there is already a proper indoor paint area, a dedicated wash bay and even a lift (something very beneficial but not available at most FNGs). I am told an alignment machine, tyre balancer, AC machine, lathe machine and various detailing tools are on the way.

– Communication. One of the factors which many of us probably don’t place a lot of emphasis on while dealing with FNGs but to me it plays a vital role in building trust and relationships. As it sometimes happens, there are unexpected delays in work or an unforeseen problem arises but I have always been called and informed and I can’t recall a single incident wherein I have had to follow up or seek an update on the work progressing. Definitely gets a huge thumbs-up from me for the professionalism. Good service levels are a definite USP of this place. Ohh…and there’s no restriction in talking to mechs and standing by your car while the work is being done.
Overall, WoS promises to be a one-stop solution for all our automotive needs once they’re fully established. I hope the quality standards remain intact, though, as the volumes and popularity grows. Seen many TBHP recommended places become complacent when the TBHP popularity becomes too much to handle.

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